Thursday, October 4, 2012

Why Do We Choose Term Life Insurance?

In comparing life insurance quotes, we should be able to make an apple-to-apple comparison. We need to compare quotes from several reputable life insurance companies. We can buy life insurance from a direct writer, a life insurance agent, or a life insurance broker. It is known that the first step we should take when buying life insurance is choosing the right type of life insurance. There are several types of life insurance we can get such as whole life insurance, term life insurance, universal life, and survivorship life. If we desire to get a life insurance type which offers very affordable and reasonable coverage, we can choose term life insurance.

Term life insurance is a type of insurance which is a least expensive form of life insurance. Most people decide to choose term life insurance because of the policy. The policy is understandable and very easy to manage. With the lowest rate, we can complete coverage with hassle free. What is more, the term length is very flexible. We will be in a relief as we can give a full protection for the whole family members as well by choosing term life insurance. Furthermore, there is also guaranteed death benefit for current plans.

Monday, August 13, 2012

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Saturday, July 21, 2012

Powerful Tips to Live a Healthy Life

I want to live to be a healthy elderly lady who can dance and do yoga at 90. I think most of us want to live to be a healthy older person. Until there are new medical or scientific breakthroughs our life span in the US is approximately 78 years for men and 80 years for women. However we have all seen people older than 80 living a fulfilling active life. What are the secrets to it? I believe that we need to look at our body, mind and spirit together to know what keeps us living longer and healthy. Take a look at what some studies have shown us about living a longer and healthy life.  

1. I call this point the 3 Ps. The P stands for positive thinking, purpose and passion. Almost every study done on centurions shows us that people who have a purpose or passion is life fare better than someone who does not. This does not mean that if you were an engineer and retired you cannot have a purpose any longer. Maybe the retired engineer gets into teaching or writing. If you lose your job and are down about the economy you could volunteer at a homeless shelter. Do you see what I am saying? Everyone's purpose in life is different and can change at different times in your life. The point is it makes you feel fulfilled and anxious to start the day.

As well, almost every research study shows that people who practice optimism live a longer life. Possibly negativity has direct biological effects on our bodies, causing changes in our immune system.

As a side note it also appears as if people who are conscientious tend to have better life-spans and healthier lives. There has been some generalizations that these types of people promote a good and healthy lifestyle based on their personality type.

2. The next point to tell you about is action. There have been numerous studies showing that people who are active cut their risk for age related diseases, such as diabetes, heart disease and muscular problems. A study that compared over 9,000 sets of twins found that the active twin lived better lives than the sedentary twin and that there were some changes in the cellular level of the twin that was sedentary. Furthermore, if adults in their 50s and 60s are regularly active they are 35% less likely to die in the next 8 years than sedentary people. For those with underlying risk factors for heart disease they had a 45% reduction is health problems. Activity can be walking, gardening, dancing or a formal program. The activity though, should be regular and often.

3. Obesity is at an epidemic level in our country. If you are overweight you run an increased risk for heart disease, diabetes type 2, cancers, hypertension, stroke, liver and gallbladder disease, sleep apnea and mobility problems. Losing weight is a hot topic. It is too long to go into for this article but you should be knowledgeable about your food intake, calories, and nutrients. Anti-oxidants should be part of your diet as they kill the free-radicals in our body (which we get from the environment) which increase our aging process.

4. Managing our stress has become very important in our lives today. It is a fact that if you suffer from chronic stress your levels of Cortisol (a hormone) in your body increase which can weaken your immune system. When your immune system is weakened you are more prone to getting diseases that could compromise your health. Many corporate employers and wellness programs have stress management classes seeing the need for stress reduction.

Meditation is one way to relieve your stress. If you meditate for 15 minutes per day it has shown to be more effective than 1 hour of sleep.
Other relaxation techniques may be yoga, imagery, music or biofeedback.
Laughter also reduces stress hormones like adrenalin and cortisol. Laughter also works as a natural pain killer.

If you have a pet you have a natural stress reducer at your feet. Pets trigger a relaxation response which decrease your levels of Cortisol. Patients who are recovering from a major illness are 6 times likely to heal faster and better if they have a pet.

5. Sex is good for us. It gives us a feeling of connection, being appreciated and loved as well as reducing our stress and making us feel relaxed.

5. Learn and practice going with the flow of life's ups and downs. We all have them and are tested many times in our lives. People who have some sense of spirituality or a belief in something higher, or outside of life forces in this universe sometimes handle this point a little better. But if you have a good support system that can make a big difference as well.

I think it is not as important as to what you have been given in life, as much as what you do with it. We have resources to help us live to a ripe healthy old age. Medical technology has made remarkable progress in the last 100 years and maybe the best is coming. As you can see, I am an optimist.

Kat is a health coach, life design advisor, author, speaker and RN. With over 20 years in her field she is an expert in teaching wellness and fitness incorporating non-traditional health theories with traditional or Western medicine. She is an advocate for patients and ioffers wellness programs which can be modified for each person and their specific needs. She believes in incorporating the mind, body and spirit in her teaching.

Monday, July 2, 2012

3 Simple Secrets For Healthy And Beautiful Skin

While some people seem to be born with flawless skin, the vast majority of us really need to work hard to create and maintain beautiful skin. One of the reasons why there is so much emphasis on skin and having beautiful skin is the fact that its a symbol of beauty and its one of the things we "measure" beauty on. Radiant skin is something that can really make a person glow. Magazine covers are graced with models that have the most perfect skin and its become an ideal for so many women across the world.

So, if you are someone that has not been blessed with perfect skin what can you do? Your skin is the largest organ in your body and by taking some basic steps you too can have great skin. Here are 3 very important steps you can take.

1. Cleanse
Since your skin is so exposed it tends to endure a lot of damage from external factors. With pollution and daily physical contact we are exposed to countless germs and toxins that can be very detrimental to the health of your skin. Its important that you keep your skin clean - especially around your face. Its also important that you look after your diet and keep your system clean inside. Its not just toxins from outside that effects your skin but also those that you eat. Excess fats, sugars and preservatives are incredibly bad for the health of your skin.

2. Moisturize
Your skin is elastic and one of the reasons that skin starts aging is because it loses its elasticity. Moisturizers are designed to help keep your skin elastic and to "feed" your skin necessary nutrients to help keep it healthy. It also helps to fight against the effects of the sun and the stresses of daily living on your skin. Its important that you get into a routine of regularly moisturizing and doing it twice a a day is a great habit to develop.

3. Protect
Protecting your skin is absolutely vital in this day and age. The sun is no joke and the effects of UV damage on the skin is greater now than ever before. The sun can damage your skin more than anything else and apart from aging there are the dangers of skin cancer. Its important that you avoid sun bathing at all costs. There is nothing healthy about a tan. Using a moisturizer with a built in UV factor can also help a lot.

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Some Quick Tips on Acne

There are now so many acne treatments that it might be difficult to choose one that really works. Here are some tips to help you get rid of your acne

Do not squeeze or touch any pimple. This will only irritate your skin and make the pimples appear brighter. Also you can cause the bacteria to spread to other places on your face thus causing more pimples. Furthermore you can introduce new bacteria into what is becoming an open wound, and this way you may have a severe scar

Place an ice pack on the pimple for a few minutes and repeat this every half hour. Use an ice cube, but wrap it in a piece of cloth to prevent the skin surrounding the affected area from being burned. The ice will help reduce the swelling and pain.

Always have with you a tube of cream or ointment that contains benzoyl peroxide or salicylic acid and apply them on pimples. This may be used in emergency condition. Try to avoid using these products in extensive areas because they are very drying.

Wash your face at least three times a day without using harsh chemicals or fragrance. Rub the skin gently without using anything harder than a bath towel to clean your face. It is advised to pat dry your face instead of using a towel vigorously.

You will notice very shortly after starting the use of a good cream that you will get some good results, but this does not mean that you have completed your treatment against acne. It is important that you keep following your treatment to make sure that your face does not become oily and thus become a breeding place for the bacteria.

In some cases the acne may be so severe that you will need to look for the help of a dermatologist. In this case the doctor may choose to offer you some pills that will help control the acne. Never ever do this on your own as there are medical risks involved.

I hope that you have enjoyed reading this article and you have learned something to help you take control of your acne.

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Different Types of Pastas For Different Types of Diet Goals - Here Are Two

Pasta is a great, versatile staple food. It is packed with carbohydrates and you can make many types of meals with it. There are many types of pastas out there. The one you choose to incorporate into your regular diet depends on a number of things, such as your activity level, and health and fitness goals. Here's some information on two major types of pastas and how best to have them.


This is the stuff that traditional pasta is made out of. It is refined durum wheat. Now, it is is not the healthiest of pastas because the refinement process strips away most of the nutrients. So, the final product is missing a lot of fiber, vitamins, and minerals. However, it does have quite a bit of protein and easily digestible carbohydrates. This type of pasta is ideal for active people who come down with stomach problems when eating whole grains.

For a great semolina pasta meal, serve it with a basic tomato sauce. To make the sauce, blend roma tomatoes, olive oil, red pepper flakes, garlic, and salt. Let is simmer for half an hour. Then, pour it onto a plate of fully cooked semolina pasta.

Whole Wheat

It has way more fiber than traditional white pasta, seven grams per serving compared to two grams per serving to be exact. It is not the best tasting, and it has a dense chewy texture. Needless to say, packages of whole wheat pasta aren't filling the pantries of households across America. It is ideal for people trying to loose weight as the fiber just makes much of it indigestible, so there is less calorie intake. Plus, whole wheat makes you feel fuller, longer.

Since whole wheat pasta has a nutty flavor, it tastes best with nutty sauces. One such sauce that it especially goes well with is pesto. With pesto, you also get added protein and there is no need to add oil.

Monday, May 21, 2012

How Do You Maintain a Healthy Diet?

All of us know - "Health is Wealth". To be in good health you need to have healthy diet. The question is, how do you maintain a healthy diet?

Eating habits should have a perfect blend of variety, balance and regulation. Single food can never provide all the essential nutrients that your body needs. Therefore, always consume a wide variety of foods to get adequate vitamins, minerals and dietary fiber.

Healthy lifestyle is required with balanced diet. Device some useful plans which will restrict you from smoking, reduce your level of alcohol consumption to minimum and manage stress.

To keep you healthy without compromising your taste buds you can follow the basic guidelines mentioned below:

o Eat vegetables and fruits daily. They provide a lot of dietary fiber which lowers cholesterol level, regulate glucose level, reduce cardiac problems and check constipation.

o Eat fish meals at least twice a week. They are great source of omega-3 fatty acids, vitamins and minerals. They help in lowering high blood pressure and cardiac problems.

o Eat red meat a few times a week. However, if you are a vegetarian, have legume or nuts daily as an alternative. They contain essential minerals which keeps your brain healthy and active.

o Do not eat large quantities at a time. Promote healthy metabolism by eating food in frequent intervals instead of consuming in bulk at a time.

o Drink plenty of water. Drink around 6 liters of water daily which helps to absorb vitamins and nutrients in the bloodstream, detoxifies the body and keep your body clean and healthy.

o Exercise. It complements with healthy diet to keep you fit and steady.

If you can follow these basic things you can stay healthy. Life goes on, but it's in your hand to make it beautiful and disease free.

Friday, May 11, 2012

How To Care And Cure Acne

There are some misconceptions which need to be removed from people's minds who are suffering from acne. Only teenagers don't get acne, although generally acne starts during teenage years. How you treat this skin disorder and how early commence the treatment can have a long lasting effect upon your skin. Listed below are a few tips to help you overcome those horrible pimples and have a glowing and attractive skin.

What causes acne? Acne is the visible end result of hormonal, bacterial and inflammatory disturbances produced by the oil and hair glands. Blocked skin pores trap oil produced by our sebaceous glands, creating an ideal environment for the growth of acne bacteria. This inflammation results in producing pimples.

Acne not only affects the skin: Its often found in people suffering from acne that they are not just affected physically but also emotionally which can lead self-consciousness, nervousness, worry, depression and even social withdrawal.

Don't fan the flames of your acne: Squeezing or picking pimples will only increase inflammation and can lead to scars on the infected surface. It may be hard to control, but try to keep your hands away from your pimples and let the natural healing process take its course.

Use Cleansers: Good Cleansers remove accumulated oil, sweat and dirt from the surface of your skin. This makes it easier for your skin to absorb topical acne treatments. However be aware that excessive use of acne cleansers can also lead to irritated and dry skin. Read the label and use acne cleansers only once or twice a day. Personal recommendation of a good cleanser is ZENMED's Derma Cleanse System. Although it's a bit high priced yet it is worth its price for its quick and effective healing nature.

After the pimples disappear, red spots remain: It's often noticed that bright red marks appear where the pimple used to be. This is nothing but a post-inflammatory change in your skin, which usually disappears in six to twelve months. Squeezing your pimples or picking at scabs will lengthen the time required for the marks to disappear.

Using Cosmetics to hide acne? If you're using cosmetics or any creams to cover up your acne, make sure you're not using oil based products that could actually make your acne worse. Try to use oil-free cosmetics as much as possible.

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Whip Up a Wonderful Treat

If you thought cooking a tasty healthy meal for your family would mean spending hours on end in the kitchen, you are going to be proved wrong. Cooking can be a lot fun if you know just what is right. A good understanding of the ingredients and their health benefits can be a good guide to whipping up a healthy meal.

Pasta, an Italian favorite and now a globally popular dish is my choice for a quick and healthy meal. I am sure many of you agree with me as there is so much possible with over 350 different varieties of pasta. There definitely is lots you can do with a bowl of pasta. Cooking a healthy meal for your family is easy with the pasta of your choice.

Cook pasta the traditional way the instructions on the package can be followed).Boil enough water, put in the pasta and let cook. When done, drain the excess water and wash under cold water for a minute or two. This would help get rid of the excess starch and you would have pasta that don't stick to each other.

Pasta sure is liked by people of all age groups. Using organic pasta would be a value addition to your meal and also your health. You can spice up your pasta with a number of vegetables to nice fresh look, colorful appearance and taste. From carrots, bell peppers, tomatoes to onions it's all a great addition to the taste of your pasta. Herbs can add to the flavor of your dish and also make it very healthy.

Carrots are a rich source of vitamin A. For good eyesight, bones and immunity; carrots are a great choice. With carrots, bell peppers, olives, herbs or any other combination of vegetables of your choice this sure is a power packed meal. A great combination of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants, you can be sure of serving your family a slice of health with a pasta meal.

You can serve your pasta just the way you like it. The pasta is very versatile and a whole lot of permutations and combinations are possible for an interesting addition to the menu.

Whether in a soup recipe, a cold pasta salad, pasta in red or white sauce or a snack; it is going to be one that is both healthy and tasty. So all you need for a great meal idea now is a few minutes, some wonderful vegetables and pasta at hand. The next time you want to feed your family a healthy meal, pasta sure is a tasty easy choice.

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Natural Treatments For Skin Care

Did you know that the human body's largest organ is the skin? Also known as the epidermis, your skin helps protect your body from many things. It's a natural protection from germs, disease, and infections. It also helps protect your body from the heat of the sun. However, your skin is the first organ to show signs of aging. It's important to take care of your skin so that it can take care of you.
Sometimes, outside factors affect the health of your skin, and thus we must find ways to help treat those issues. Dry skin is usually caused by poor skin health, however it can also be cause by a large number of other conditions.

Poor nutrition can be a big factor in poor skin health. To keep our bodies running the way they should, it requires a good balance of nutrients and minerals. Some vegetarians tend to have dry skin because they do not consume enough animal fats in their diets. The animal fat acts as natural moisturizers for your skin. Deficiency in the vitamin B12 can also cause the oil glands beneath the skin to fail. Dermatologists will first look at your diet to help diagnose skin problems and will recommend the best ways to help treat them. A great way to help preserve skin health is by drinking plenty of water. Water naturally removes toxins in your body and is good to help reduce acne.

Diabetes can also be a cause for poor skin health. When the body has trouble regulating blood sugar levels, there is an excess of blood sugar in the body. This blood sugar must be absorbed to keep a proper balance in the body. As a result, your body will use up a lot more water than normal which will lead to dehydrated and dry skin.

No matter how much we watch our diet, age is an inevitable factor and will always have an effect on our skin. Because of this, other remedies are used to help. Moisturizers are often used to help revitalize the skin. It's good to look for moisturizers that utilize natural ingredients. This is to prevent any possible irritation or side effects from unnatural chemicals. Although synthetic ingredients are generally cheaper, they are not recommended because the body is naturally not used to them. They are less effective and can even be harmful in the long run.

If you want to have smooth skin, it's important to take care of it every day. The better you take care of it, the better it will look in the long term.

Thursday, March 22, 2012

A Healthy Addition to Your Family's Diet

If you have never heard of quinoa (KEEN-wah) you aren't alone. This grain like seed has been a staple in the diet of natives of the Andes Mountains for thousands of years. Recently brought to America for cultivation, quinoa has a number of amazing health benefits and its versatility makes it easy to add to any diet.

The quinoa plant prefers high elevations and poor quality, somewhat alkaline soil. It doesn't require much water and likes arid climates. Because the seed is coated with a bitter tasting resin called saponin, it doesn't fall prey to the depredations of birds or insects making it very easy to grow. Quinoa is also called goose foot due to the shape of its leaves which resemble the webbed feet of geese. It is related to swiss chard, spinach and beets.

The quinoa seed is high in protein, about 14% to 18%. Unlike grains, the protein found in quinoa is complete. It also contains calcium, iron, magnesium, manganese, copper, zinc, vitamin E and several of the B vitamins. It is high in amino (fatty) acids. In fact, quinoa is one of the most complete foods on the planet.

Quinoa can be used in place of rice or couscous as a side dish. It has a mild, nutty flavor. There are many varieties, but the three best known types are the white, black and red varieties. There are slight differences in the taste of each variety. The texture of cooked quinoa is light and fluffy and it has a slight crunch. It is very easily digested and is suggested as a grain substitute for people on special diets for gluten intolerance, celiac disease and autism.

You can add quinoa to casseroles soups and stews or you can cook it like rice as a side dish. Added cold to salads, it can be combined with legumes like chick peas to enhance their protein. It also enhances the protein of other grains when mixed with them. Quinoa encourages the growth of beneficial bacteria in the intestinal tract and it contains fiber for good intestinal health.

While quinoa which is sold commercially has usually been rinsed, it is wise to rinse it again before cooking to make sure there is no residue of saponin. Saponin will create a suds in the water and it is bitter to the taste. Quinoa can be cooked like rice, two parts water to one part quinoa. Add the quinoa to boiling water and reduce heat and simmer for 15 minutes. You may substitute fruit juice for the water for a sweet tasting, healthy and delicious alternative to oatmeal.

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Cultivating a Healthy Mindset

I went out my front door to go for a walk and I took a gander at my front yard. It is springtime and many of the bushes and plants are flowering. We have opted against using herbicide so our yard is home to a variety of beautiful wildflowers. However, the word got out to the weeds about this safe haven, and they dot the landscape as well.

I postponed my daily jaunt and took a few minutes to pull weeds. This has been a learning experience for me as there are quite a variety of weeds in the yard. At first it was difficult for me to distinguish between a wildflower and a weed. Sadly, I must confess that a few desert daisies, lupine and penstamine suffered an early demise due to my horticultural ignorance.

While I was weed plucking it occurred to me that my thoughts are a lot like the vegetation in my yard. There are plants that provide beauty, shade and inspiration. And then there are the weeds. If left unnoticed, the weeds can choke the life out of some of the other helpful plants. However, we have a home owner's association, so I know it would never come to that. The more likely scenario is we would get a notice about the weeds, followed by a fine.

Interestingly enough, a lot of weeds are easy to distinguish. Just like ugly thoughts, speech and actions, they have bristly stems and leaves that hurt others when they come too close. Their nastiness serves as a form of protection. I have heard individuals defend their negativity in a similar way. A thorny disposition can become a barrier to keep people at bay.

Weeds, like nasty thoughts, speech and actions, will multiply if left unchecked. That is why it's best to learn to distinguish the naughty little buggers early on and get rid of them before they turn into towering trees.

However, a negative mindset, like some weeds, can be difficult to identify. Gardening and cultivating healthy thoughts, speech and actions takes work. However, over time, if you work at it, you will see a positive result.
Your wishes, good, bad or indifferent, become your brain's programming. So why not try for something that will bring you joy? That does not mean that everything wonderful you wish for will instantly become reality. But if you surround yourself with positive thoughts and begin a course of action to achieve the things you want in life, you will move your life in a happier direction.

The first step in erasing negativity is by transforming thoughts, words and actions from negative to positive. Each thought, however fleeting, each word and the intent behind it, as well as our daily actions have certain repercussions. Whether or not you believe in the laws of karma is really unimportant. The result is the same. Negative thoughts penetrate the mind and slowly start to color one's perspective of the world.

Disparaging thoughts can spread like a cancer and slip into your speech, and eventually manifest in unproductive and harmful actions. Many individuals, especially those who have suffered a loss, are largely unaware of how negative they have become. It is a habit. And habits, if not changed, become a way of life. Confucius said:

Watch your thoughts; they become words.
Watch your words; they become actions.
Watch your actions; they become habits.
Watch your habits; they become character.
Watch your character; it becomes your destiny.

Each of us is in charge of our own destiny. We can work to cultivate a positive outlook, or we can adopt a victim mindset and let weeds of negativity take root in our lives.
Remember, erasing negativity is no walk through the park. It's like weeding a garden. It takes work, but it becomes easier over time. The choice is yours. Either way, please remember: You reap what you sow.